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Dave Dillingham, Manager, ChoiceHealth
Through June’s inspiring consultation skills, our team was able to develop more effective working relationships and was then able to efficiently address strategic planning and goal setting toward some very effective outcomes. Her coaching style is personable with a no-nonsense flair. She was able to connect with all team members, not an easy task, toward a positive result. Many consultant/trainers are either better as a trainer or as a consultant; June performs each admirably. Of the several consultants used at ChoiceHealth, June is the one we came to rely on for most organizational issues.
Blair Slaughter, Training Manager, T Rowe Price

“June is able to work in all industries, with all professions and with all levels within an organization. Line workers and senior managers alike believe June understands their situations and is able to provide practical and realistic advice in a classroom and in one-on-one coaching.”
Joe Heard, Senior Human Resource Analyst, Boulder County Human Resources

“June’s programs have consistently been among the highest rated programs in evaluations completed by participants. Her presentations are always professional and interesting, providing practical information that our employees can immediately apply in their work.”
Jacqueline Reid, The Center for Interpersonal Excellence and Founder of the Taos Conference

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ms Ramos for the past 10 years as a trainer, course developer and a consultant. Rarely, have I worked with anyone more talented and skilled. June keeps herself abreast of new trends, new literature and new instrumentation in order to provide her clients with the most helpful and meaningful interventions possible. Her varied and considerable experience allows her to make quick assessments and provide appropriate, targeted help for her clients. She is a master and unequaled in my view.”

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