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Keynote Speaking: Presenting current topics at conference sessions  

We are often asked by organizations to be keynote speakers, and seminar/workshop leaders at conferences and executive retreats throughout the US.  We use our breadth of experience to customize topics and sessions for each audience.  If you tell us the core issues or topics that your group is facing, then we will develop a lively, informative, and entertaining presentation or conference session that matches your needs. 

Some possible topics to consider include: 

  • Has a Bad Economy Captured Your Company’s Culture?
  • Creating a Business Strategy for Uncertain Times
  • Layoffs, Downsizing, an Uncertain Economy and … Employees Behaving Badly
  • Leadership Lessons for Difficult Times – Rebuild your Team, Rebuild your Organization
  • Managing Across the Generational Divide
  • Leaders as Coaches
  • Leading Others Through Change
  • Making the Most of Change



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