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Greg Baldwin, President, Baxa Corporation
“Kumar Dandavati bought into our vision and direction, encouraged people to change, and has earned my trust and the trust of our management team. Kumar is almost always right on, seeing where we need to go, sometimes even before we do. We rely on Kumar to help us with people problems, and as had great success at Baxa through coaching. Kumar helps people see reality and possibilities more clearly. He brought the management team together, encouraging people to work together and reach out. Kumar has helped me with my perception around the company, and the appreciation of the leadership has increased. Kumar is a great partner.”

John Beeble, President, Saunders Construction

“Over the years, Kumar Dandavati has accumulated in-depth knowledge of our organization and culture, and the combination of that knowledge with the outside perspective he brings is invaluable to me/us. Kumar is an ally in creating good healthy change, continuing to challenge our strategic goals and push us. Kumar is much more than just a facilitator. He has been an integral part of our strategic planning process, functioning as a team member who keeps the team above the fray. I don’t know of any consultant who can do what Kumar has done. Through you, we have accomplished a lot.”

Bob Frese, President, Design Mechanical Inc.

“Kumar Dandavati is a strong sounding board for me, something I otherwise would not have. I am able to delegate more, which frees me up to be more strategic. Through working with Kumar, I can present things as well thought out, which increases respect for what I want to accomplish. Kumar has had the same impact on the managers with whom he has worked. Loyalty has increased. Kumar is seen as part of our team. All this has led to us taking on bigger projects than would not have been possible even a year ago.”

Carla Dore, President, Herman Miller Workplace Resources

“Kumar Dandavati has helped us develop the best strategic plan we’ve ever had. In the past, we have had strategic plans which focused on what’s NOT working…whereas the Strategic Plan you helped us develop focuses on where we want to be. Off-site strategy development was most impactful. We did not know where to start; we had different communication styles. Kumar’s facilitation made it extremely productive. The coaching helped the new layer of management come up to speed quickly. Kumar was completely responsive. The strategic plan has given us the ability to be more agile. We were able to stick to the plan, which served us well.”

Jack Hawkins, Diffenbaugh/ICC/CRS

“The simplest concept has been the most powerful: we now focus very clearly on the goal, then establish current reality before we move into action steps. This mindset and process have enabled us to make great progress in a very short period of time. As a result of Kumar’s involvement, we have significantly increased our volume and profit. We are able to retain and attract good people because we have a plan for the future. A lot of our significant new initiatives are a result of Kumar’s involvement.

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