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Leadership and Management Development:  Committing to Leadership Excellence

The development of leaders and managers is a commitment and one that can have big payoffs for your organization. However, we have found that organizations that rely only on one-time training events often do not create the needed development that leaders/managers require. Our approach is more than a one time training class; it is a developmental process that includes identification of leadership success criteria, assessment and diagnosis of strengths and areas for development, feedback, development planning and ongoing coaching. 
Our approach to Leadership and Management Development includes:

  • Identifying the leadership criteria for success (knowledge, executive attributes and skills)
  • Helping individual leaders and managers assess and diagnose areas of strength, as well as areas for growth and development
  • Providing feedback on the assessment and creating a development plan
  • Providing one-on-one coaching sessions to help leaders and managers reach development goals, take on greater responsibility and work through challenging situations facing them as leaders

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