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Leadership Retreats: Designing and Facilitating Group Sessions to Drive Results 

Roz Turner and her associates have designed and facilitated several hundred management/leadership meetings and executive retreats.  We are expert at determining how to effectively design our sessions so that you get maximum results in the time you have allotted for your group to be together. Whether you want to conduct a strategic planning retreat, kick off a new initiative, move a team into action, or conduct a focus group, we can help you to hold a top-notch event.  

We will work with you and your leadership team to understand the issues you are facing and to design a session that strategically focuses on those issues, while making sure that there is a high level of interaction and commitment from the participants involved. 

We use facilitated conversations to help participants:

  • Gain trust and understanding of each others’ perspectives
  • Deepen their relationships
  • Create aligned strategies, visions, goals and action plans
  • Surface tough issues and resolve previously hidden conflicts
  • Give feedback, recognition and celebrate accomplishments
  • Become accountable and capable to implement difficult changes
We work with groups and sessions of all types – from small to large groups, from short 1-2 hour sessions to multi-day events.  We can also help you to select an appropriate off-site venue for your retreat and work out the details to make sure that your meeting has all of the ingredients to make it a success. 



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