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Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Roz Turner and Associates has a commitment to “giving back to causes we care about” and, throughout the years, has gained expertise at offering consulting services particularly aimed at the needs of non-profit organizations. As a way to give back to the community, these services are offered at a reduced rate.

Some of the services and programs we offer non-profit organizations and their boards include:

  • Strategic Planning: Designing and facilitating a strategic planning process for your Board of Directors to help them create a strategic vision and action plan and reach alignment on their path forward.

  • Leadership Development: Helping your Board of Directors and Executive team to become the most effective leaders they can be in the unique environment of a non-profit organization.

  • Organizational Development: Assisting your organization to understand and overcome the challenges of each lifecycle stage of non-profit development – from organizing as a new non-profit to working through issues that emerge as a more mature organization.

  • Executive and Management Coaching: Providing individual coaching to key managers and executives of non-profits to help them manage particular challenges or issues standing in the way of success.

  • Governance: Advising the Board of Directors on key governance issues including topics such as board succession planning, board recruitment, leadership transition, assessing board member skills, board structure and operations.

What some of our clients have had to say…

Dr. Dan Kaufman, Executive Director, Seeds 4 Success, Vashon Island, Washington

“Our non-profit had a great mission and lots of good feelings about the work we do. What we didn't have was structure and the kind of organizational development that would allow us to be successful and sustain ourselves. We desperately needed help to grow our "baby" into a fully functioning adult. Roz Turner was just what the doctor ordered. The thing that first sold us on working with her was her passion for the non-profit mission. You could tell it wasn't just a job for her and that she was invested in the service that we provide. Her energy and positive focus helped to engage every member of our board in the strategic planning process that she led us through and, by the end of the process, we had common goals, a clear direction and a strong commitment from each board member to help move our organization forward. At our meetings you will still often hear members say, "Remember what Roz said". We are grateful for having found her. “

Leslie Johnson, Executive Director, EPIC Transitions, Woodside California

"Roz Turner utilized her considerable, professional experience in both the corporate and non-profit world to facilitate our board in developing our non-profit "vision" into a reality.

She employed a clear, organized process to guide our team through initial, individual interviews of board members and a full-day strategic planning process, during which we refined our mission statement, clarified roles, and set realistic goals. The result was a functional strategic plan which included an immediate 120 day action plan with suggestions for implementation of goals. In addition, Roz's commitment to our development of a 5-year vision encouraged us to really reflect on where we want to go as an organization beyond the immediate future.

Roz's superb leadership skills and humanistic approach made the strategic planning process immensely enjoyable. She would be an asset to any non-profit entity, whether in the beginning/ planning or restructuring/development phase."



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