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Organizational Change Management:  The Key to Successful Implementation 
It has been estimated that 50 to 90 percent of all major business changes are partial or complete failures. Experience shows that a lack of managing the “human side” of business change is the major reason for failure. Executives, managers and employees alike invariably name “people” reasons as the cause of their failure, saying that expectations and resistance were not managed, communication was poor, executives were not aligned and employees did not understand the change. Conversely, in the case of successful change programs, reports indicate that the human side of the change was managed more systematically. Successful management of the human dimension, therefore, contributes directly to business benefits. 
Our Organizational Change Management program is designed to support business change programs by:
  • Assisting the leadership team to develop and maintain alignment and commitment sufficient to sustain an organizational transition
  • Identifying the key issues and concerns that employees and other key stakeholder groups are facing due to the change
  • Developing a comprehensive Organizational Transition Plan to address the needs of key stakeholders and assisting with the implementation of that plan
  • Mobilizing employees and other key stakeholders to embrace the business change and commit to the transitions they are being asked to make
  • Designing measurement processes to monitor the effectiveness of organizational initiatives in achieving identified transition goals
  • Coaching leaders and managers to effectively work through challenging situations that arise as a result of the change



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