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Larry Stapleton, VP of Sales and Marketing, BSQUARE
“We had a Regional Manager in our East Coast Division that was having serious problems communicating and leading his team. This is a very important region for BSQUARE and I contacted Roz Turner to help us coach this individual. Our company had used her previously for a different coaching assignment. After 6 months of coaching, this manager learned how to better communicate and to develop rapport and teamwork rather than propagate an authoritative managerial and leadership style. Today the East Coast is our most productive region, worldwide. The manager has since been promoted to Director and is a good mentor to his direct reports.”

Don Merlino, CEO, Stoneway Concrete and Merlino Construction
“We contacted Roz Turner initially to coach a long-time manager of our company. I was so impressed with the coaching process she used with this manager and the results, that I suggested she coach others on our Executive Tam. Now she works with our Executive Team every month to advance our business goals.”

Gerry Goldman, CFO, Alaska Distributors

“Roz Turner worked with our top tier management team of 35 executives for 3 years in a row to design and facilitate our annual leadership retreat. Roz and her associates took the time to clearly understand the issues we were facing and to design content and facilitate each retreat so that we grew as a leadership team, faced tough issues and created a focus for actions and next steps. As a result of Roz’s abilities, each year’s leadership retreat was even more impressive than the last! We also engaged Roz to coach one of our key executives – someone we were grooming to take on even more responsibilities in our company. She really knows how to connect with executives and help them see areas for development that they can’t see for themselves.”

Trudy Travis, Former IT Direct Director, IT Operations, Safeco Insurance
“Roz Turner is an excellent coach, facilitator and developer of leaders and teams! She was originally brought into Safeco to work with leaders in my division, a large IT operation with several hundred employees. She has been a resource for Safeco for several years as a coach to several senior level leaders, and has also worked with a number of groups to foster greater team work. I had the opportunity to have Roz Turner as my coach for a 6 month period and made many positive changes, as a result!”

Michelle M. Harmon, SVP of HR, American Heart Association, Pacific Mountain Affiliate
“Roz Turner designed and facilitated a session for our Executive Retreat. She is quite knowledgeable and a pro at facilitating group discussion with a focus on creating shared understanding, aligned vision and commitment. All of the members of our Senior Leadership Team commented on the content and quality of this session. I would easily recommend Roz for any organizational or leadership development project or challenge.”

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