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  • Leadership and Management Development:  Committing to Leadership Excellence
    The development of leaders and managers is a commitment and one that can have big payoffs for your organization. However, we have found that organizations that rely only on one-time training events often do not create the needed development that leaders/managers require...More

  • Individual Management and Executive Coaching:  Achieving a New Level of Effectiveness
    We offer one-on-one coaching to leaders to help them achieve a new level of performance and effectiveness.  Often, the overall intent of individual coaching is to help the leader achieve breakthrough business results, while demonstrating highly effective leadership skills...More

  • Executive/Management Team Alignment: At the Heart of Exceptional Business Results 
    When we speak of alignment, we are not referring to a type of agreement, “buy-in” or willingness to “go along with” but rather, a commitment to work in new ways...

  • High Performance Team Development:  Raising the Bar
    Our work with high performance teams produces results beyond business as usual. Our clients generate breakthroughs...
    Moreigh Performance Team Development

  • Strategic Business Planning: Reaching New Levels of Revenues, Profit and Success
    We have an established track record of success in helping clients achieve sustainable, long term growth.  Our unique Structured for Growth ™ program has enabled for profit and non-profit organizations to see demonstrated results in reaching new levels of revenues, profit and success...More

  • Organizational Change Management:  The Key to Successful Implementation 
    It has been estimated that 50 to 90 percent of all major business changes are partial or complete failures. Experience shows that a lack of managing the “human side” of business change is the major reason for failure...

  • Training and Workshops:  Sharpening the Skills 
    We are known for delivering fun and engaging workshops and training programs that are customized to meet the specific industry or issues you face...More

  • Leadership Retreats: Designing and Facilitating Group Sessions to Drive Results 
    Roz Turner and her associates have designed and facilitated several hundred management/leadership meetings and executive retreats.  We are expert at determining how to effectively design our sessions so that you get maximum results in the time you have allotted for your group to be together...

  • Keynote Speaking: Presenting current topics at conference sessions  
    We are often asked by organizations to be keynote speakers, and seminar/workshop leaders at conferences and executive retreats throughout the US...

  • Services to Non-Profit Organizations:
    Roz Turner and Associates has a commitment to “giving back to causes we care about” and, throughout the years, has gained expertise at offering consulting services particularly aimed at the needs of non-profit organizations....More

  • Lifeplan Institute
    Roz Turner and Associates is affiliated with LifePlan Institute, a non-profit organization with a one-of-a kind training program designed to benefit adolescents aged 11 – 19. Our vision is lofty – to train 10 million teenagers in 10 years...More

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