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Strategic Business Planning: Reaching New Levels of Revenues, Profit and Success

We have an established track record of success in helping clients achieve sustainable, long term growth.  Our unique Structured for Growth ™ program has enabled for profit and non-profit organizations to see demonstrated results in reaching new levels of revenues, profit and success.

Structured for Growth ™ is a proven, practical approach that will:

  • Assist management and leadership teams in clarifying and articulating their vision for growth
  • Define and articulate winning strategies and assist in the development of a powerful, purposeful game plan to execute the strategies and achieve the vision
  • Keep clients on-track throughout the process by creating a framework for accountability
  • Develop managers and leaders with the capacity to grow and become active, engaged and excited participants in the company’s future
  • Help leadership and management teams create ongoing ownership and alignment with regard to the company vision.

The Structured for Growth ™ Program includes:

  • The Current Reality Analysis: Assessment of key internal and external forces
  • The Business Environment Profile: Client Meeting #1:  Preparation for Strategy Creation
  • The Vision/Strategy Retreat: Client Meeting #2:  The Vision Aligner and The Winning Strategy Builder
  • The Implementation Game Plan: Client Meeting #3: Action Plans and Metrics
  • The Back-on-Track Accelerator:  Quarterly or periodic review including The Strategy Optimizer and The Action Plan Booster
  • The Leadership Capacity Builder – Executive and Management Team Development including The RightTeam Process and The Accountability Framework

We are excellent at creating dynamic, practical strategies and plans that don’t simply gather dust.   Our Implementation Game Plans get used… and get results.  That’s because we’re also experts in the people part of the equation – at understanding, encouraging, developing and aligning those who are ultimately responsible for implementing the plan.  Through highly effective executive coaching and leadership development, we create managers and leaders who are clearly aligned in taking the company to the next level of success…and beyond.



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